Feb 17

Class L Tournament - Sportsmanship


I just wanted to leave a quick comment, that the sportsmanship at the Class L tournament was the best I've ever seen at a major tournament. Countless hugs, pats on the back and a generally great attitude by both the winning wrestlers and the defeated. I think I only saw one thrown headgear over the two days. Even after some very heated contests, wrestlers were helping each other up off the mat. The winning wrestlers genuinely shook hands with the defeated (not that weak, limp wristed, your not worth my time dead fish handshake I've seen so much of). Respecting your opponent, even after a dominant win, makes you look so much more like a man (or a woman)!


Very little arguing with the officials, and even then it was mostly respectful. And there were some bad calls, always are, but the coaches respectfully asked to speak with the ref and share their point of view. And the refs obliged, again, respectfully. Well done refs, not making this a pissing contest between you and the coach and seeing every comment as a challenge to your manhood.


My kudos to the coaches, parents and especially the kids for raising their social game here. I bring this up in part as my wife, who is not the biggest fan of the sport, commented on how much she noticed the great attitudes of the wrestlers this year. Made an exciting tournament that much better. Thanks again!

Feb 17

Sanctuss7 I totally agree. Great job by coaches and wrestlers. I sat next to the Simsbury parents and wrestlers, and I have to say they were the nicest kids/parents. Just seemed like a really great group of people. You can see why that program is doing so well.

sweep the leg!
Feb 18

I have to say that as far as the kids goes, the pats on the back,hugs,helping eachother up,ect. LL was very similar. I saw a kid on the podium who took 1st put his arm around the #2 place kid and give him a hug because he was upset.

Feb 18

Kum ba yah.

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    What is your prediction for the top 3 teams in each class at states?
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    PJ Sora Armed Forces Memorial Wrestling Tournament (K-8) Londonderry High School 295 Mammoth Road Londonderry, NH 03053 Sponsored by the Londonderry Wrestling Association Tournament will be run on FloArena – link to registration: Date: December 22, 2019 Times: Staggered start times. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN THE SCHEDULE WITH 5-8 GOING FIRST AND HONOR WEIGH INS. Gr 5-8 Wrestling Schedule: Arrive to check in at 7:15 am-7:45 am Wrestling begins at 8:30 am K-4 Wrestling Schedule: Check in between 10:15 - 10:45 Begin wrestling at 11:30 am (at the end of 5-8 or when enough mat space is available to start K-4) Weigh-Ins: K-8 WRESTLERS WILL NOT WEIGH-IN – The Honor System will be used. This is an early season tournament, the goal is to get matches, please use good sportsmanship and enter honest weights. At the discretion of the tournament director, wrestlers will be asked to step on a scale if their weight is questioned. Wrestlers will be grouped according to the weight entered when registering in FloArena online. Please use good sportsmanship and enter the correct weight! K-8 will use the Madison weight system. Athletes will be grouped in 8 man brackets where available using skill level as seeding criteria; round robin format will be used where necessary. This will be determined by the Tournament Director. Wrestlers will be grouped in grades using K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Entry Fee: Register online and pay onsite ($15) during check-in REGISTRATION DEADLINE – DECEMBER 19, 2019 NO WALK IN REGISTRATIONS Awards: Medals awarded to the top 3 place finishers. Questions:
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