Jan 9, 2017

Class S Team Rakings


So I get that the site is set up to aggregate wrestlers and award points to a team based on their ranked wrestlers. Here's how they are stacked right now:

1 Montville

2 Haddam-Killingworth

3 Morgan

4 Windham

5 St. Paul

HM Granby


Granted that I am a Ledyard Wrestling Fan but there must be an "intangable" in the rankings to account for teams where their wrestlers will very likely outplace their "ranks". I believe top 3 will be Ledyard, Windham and Montville.

Jan 9, 2017

I think the best and possibly only way to fairly measure the "intangable" you reference is in the Class S Tournament.

Jan 9, 2017

That makes for "Hind Sight" which as the euphemism goes is 20/20.

Jan 9, 2017

Let me also clairify that I am no trying to say that the wrestlers from any other school are bad or their team is not good, that's not my point. Smaller schools are notorious for not having full line ups. Teams like Ledyard, Montville and Windham typically only have one or 2 weights where they place a JV that might not really be ready for Varsity tournaments. Those points will be the difference on Saturday.

Jan 10, 2017

not sure st paul should even be in the top 10. nonnewaug beat them and they only beat oxford on criteria. and both of these teams have been beaten by other berkshire league teams. if anything, terryville should be ahead of them and even northwestern, who beat both nonnewaug and oxford

Jan 11, 2017

besides outplacing their ranking, the other two biggest factors in creating an accurate predictor for team placing at the Class tourney are the points scored by non-placers (typically highest for deep teams with limited holes), and accurate values assigned to ranking, for while a 6-5-4-3-2-1 scale does work easily, the average points scored would be more along the lines of 24-21-18-16-13-11. also, the points earned by placers can be impacted by bonus points. have seen two very different means of earning almost identical point totals, such as 6 finalists and no other placers vs no finalists and 11 medal winners. lastly, the person referencing a team's dual meet performance should realize that these rankings are derived from state tourney predictions, not dual meets (whereas a team with 3-4 high scorers will do well at Div or open but will suffer in duals).

Jan 11, 2017

What I've observed is that a team with 3-5 Hammers will place better at the Opens than they will at their Class tournament. Class Tournaments, especially the M's and S's, test the number of scorers and the ability of your best wrestlers to rack up bonus points. Where I saw it best illustrated: South Windsor 2013 was 3rd in the LL Tournament but climbed to 2nd at the Opens, tied with Windham. South Windsor scored more points at their Class tournament but the team ahead of them - Trumbull couldn't outpace them at the Opens. They were 8th at the New Englands that year behind Danbury and New Fairfield (who was 16th at the Opens). NF Scored 49 points on the backs of 2 wrestlers (Shay and Amorando) at the New Englands.

Jan 24, 2017

Ledyard beat Guilford 37-36 based on tie-breaker criteria.

HK beat Guilford 41-24

It looks like HK belongs in the top 3.

Jan 24, 2017

A good point. I would offer that a great Dual Match Team is not always a great tournament scoring team. I purposely didn't say anyone didn't belong, but if you are going to be in Windham for the Class S tournament, I'll treat you to a cup of coffee for your ride home if HK finishes ahead of Ledyard. I make a concerted effort to not say negative things about individuals nor teams. Hopefully, that results in civil disagreement rather than people being disagreeable.


Email me at and we can talk about it.

Jan 24, 2017

Based on matches against Trumbull and Ellis Tech, I speculate the following:

106: Joey Millbach (L) VS. Zach Hughes (HK), Even

113: Ty Miller (L) VS Harrison Johnson (HK) Even

120: Bo Nguyen (L) VS Malakai Maher (HK) +1 Led (Should be a great Match)

126 : Cole Dirico (L) VS Zach Wyzykowski (HK) Even

132: Jake Graziano VS Matt Jenkins (HK) +1 HK

138: Theran Vanase (L) VS Jake Frith (HK) +1 Led

145: Adam Crawford (L) VS Aidan Korper (HK) +1 HK

152 : Gavin Williamson (L) VS ????????? (HK) +1 Led

160: Jake Millbach (L) VS Grayson Adler (HK) +1 HK (Should be a great Match)

170: Collin Crader (L) VS James Carson (HK) Even (Could be another good matchup)

182: Mike Sullivan (L) VS David Wyzykowski (HK) +1 HK

195: Tony Christians (L) VS Aiden Maher (HK) +1 HK

220: Danny Contino (L) VS Aiden Maher(HK) +1 Led

285: Richard Mullaney (L) VS , ??? HK +1 Led

I figure Ledyard Wrestlers will outpace HK Wrestlers in 5 Brackets, HK will likely outperform Ledyard in 5 weights leaving the 4 other weights listed as “EVEN” where the tournament will be won between the two teams. I could not find HK's box score VS Guilford.

Feb 5, 2017

Granby beat Morgan at the Griswold Duals

Feb 19, 2017

I would say that Ledyard has nothing else to say, 2017 "S" champions don't need to say much.

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