Feb 10

Conference Championships


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I thought I'd see a lot more commentary on the boards this morning. Okay....I'll get it started. Match results that caught my eye:



106 - Doran over Concascia 9-5

113 - Smith over M. Charron 12-7

120 - Najii over Morissette 2-0, and then over O'Brien 11-5

126 - Archer over Fantoli 3-0, and then over Dave Charron 5-3 (challenge for Folino?)

132 - Tyler Miller giving up 2 points in 3 matches

138 - Dirico and Zane split this year, rubber match at M's?

145 - Marcos Rodriguez over Minevich 3-0, and over Swett 6-1

152 - Ryan Powers hasn't gotten enough respect here, 18-5 over Vanase, 2 wins over Minevich this year

160 - Played to form

170 - Derek Turner gving up 3 points in 3 matches, scoring 34

182 - Class M final likely Commander vs LiCastri

195 - Played to form

220 - Played to form

285 - Bernier over Deveau 1-0 (shows quality for both), and a pin of Ryan in the finals



106 - O'Dell over M. Longo 2-0 (Kai seems to have made a competitive jump this year)

113 - Pina wrestling for Danbury instead of Liam Knight

120 - Tyler Johnson over Sam White 7-0, and Jack Ryan over Johnson 6-5

126 - Smart over Ebert 2-0, and losing to Ryan Jack 4-8 (solid match vs the best P4P)

132 - Fields over Parrot with a 3rd period pin (curious what the score was when it happened)

138 - Mikey Santaluccia taking third with wins over Mike Edwards and Logan Kovacs

145 - LeBlanc over Shaughnessy 10-2

152 - Zuckerman over Mazur 8-1

160 - Agoev over C. Sibbett 10-6

170 - J. Davilla over J. Oiu 7-6

182 - Palmieri over Nanai 7-6, rubber match setting up in class LL

195 - Pretty much to form

220 - Harrington over Cocchia 12-9 (has Cocchia been overlooked this year?)

285 - Rizy over Agosto by pin


NCCC: (Some very tiny brackets for this, so not a lot to note)

126 - Ghassan Saleh over Jack Freedenberg 6-1 (Should he be noted in class M 126?)

132 - Julian over Washburn by pin in the second round

152 - Who is Kaleb Carlson and where is Bolton? Losses all seem to be quality opponents except Cheshire?

170 - Played to form

195 - Prosper John Vignone (best name ever) moved up to 195 and pinned Fluckiger in the third

285 - Flagg over Corso, Zuccalo over Flagg by pins



106 - Nice warm up for Rapuano

113 - Barlage over Loria 5-1, and Garcia over Barlage 19-4

120 - Divito over Davern 8-5

126 - Manganiello unranked, didn't give up a point and won finals over Bosken 8-0

132 - Louis Bradley over Barber 3-0, and over LaRose 7-4 (kid knows how to wrestle at the end of the year)

138 - Tanner Divito up from 132, Liam Keylock down from 145 and out in the consi semis, Stanko and Fillion third and fourth

145 - Mascola over Rodriguez 4-0

152 - Pretty much to form

160 - Tsiranides 4-0, 3-0, 2-0

170 - Khan over Seaton 12-3, lost to Sousa in finals 5-0

182 - Rusciecki over Barbour 7-6, Brogan over Rusciecki 5-0, Barbour over Rusciecki 5-2 (Ives at 220 for Foran)

195 - McHenry over Rao 9-5, Bannon over McHenry 20-8 (Minsock Lee to 220 for Branford) (Bannon clear #1 in M? McHenry #2?)

220 - Lee over Ives 5-2, Add both to class M 220?

285 - Salami over Houston 4-2 and over M. Weiner 3-1



106 - Brault over Lindner 4-2 OT

113 - Prather over Carpenter by pin in second

120 - Julian Soares over Piel 14-8, over Alvarez by default, over Jutcawitz 18-7

126 - Coniglio over Amorando 10-2, lost to Chin 4-3

132 - Tolland-Matos over Accousti 6-4 OT

138 - L. Stabile over Kasbarian 7-4 and over Dematteo 3-1

145 - Maurath over Klein-Wassink 6-5 and lost to Fedorko 6-1

152 - Lobdell over Sayers 4-1

160 - Rich Morrell over Minch 4-1

170 - Pretty much to form

182 - Played to form

195 - J. McGuire over Toscano by pin and Deleo by pin

220 - Frame over D. McGuire 6-2 and Bai by pin

285 - Played to form


Berkshire-Valley: (small brackets)

120 - Verdiglione over Chappa by pin in the third

132 - Matthews over K. Cenkolli by pin in the third

145 - Xavier Powell over Niez-Charest 5-0 and Leclerc 13-7

160 - Evan Jackson over Martino by pin in the third

220 - Therrien replaced by Madden for Oxford?



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Feb 10

What happened to Dan Charon At ECC?


Odell and Longo have been very close matches for the last two years. I believe they’ve been in overtime 3-4 times in the last year alone. Tough match up as they were practice partners for years. They should see eachother again next weekend and I bet it will be another very close match. Nobody knows Mikey better than Kai who both enjoy long walks on the beach together apparently lol.


Agoev over Sibbett was probably the most exciting match I’ve seen all year. There were some very impressive trips to say the least.


Travis Longo pinned and Teched his way through and looked very technical in the finals Over Dewinter 17-2. Others who looked good in that bracket were Pena of Danbury and Mannino of Wilton.


Jack Ryan and Tyler Johnson was a close match with one call that wasn‘t called that could have sent it into OT.


Tyler Johnson was pretty dominant over Sam White in the Semis


Ben Smart looked fantastic against Eibert and RJ but we all know how hard that match in the finals was for Ben. RJ is just ......well RJ haha.


Fields and Parrot was going well until Kyles decided he didn’t want to wrestle anymore I guess and turned on that Hulk like strength of his to end the match Lol.


Matt Ryan and Justin Mastroianni was a great match of strength and technique against smooth and technical abilities. Definetly a fun match to watch!


Leblanc was very dominant up to the finals winning a great match over Shagnessy, but had a very tough match up with Sung who needs no build up of how good he is Haha.


Zuckerman had some very close matches up until the finals . It seems he has Mazur’s number. Mazur is a talented and strong wrestler I just think those styles don’t mesh well.


Agoev put on a absolute show that was worth the price of admission alone!


Palmierri finally avenged his 4 losses to Nanai taking him down in a very exciting match.


Harrington looked tough


thats about it for FCIAC. It was a fun two days of good wrestling.





Feb 11Edited: Feb 11

I started out not putting in results that I thought fit the norm, more about matches that made me think, but it was a lot of info to go through and by the end I may have just starting spewing results.


What happened to Liam Knight? He lose a challenge match to Pina? What about Cocchia from McMahon vs Harrington? That looks like it was a lot more competitive than I'd expect. I put up the post for people to respond about stuff they saw over the weekend that might change conversations. Travis Longo teching and pinning his way through that FCIAC bracket should have been another stroll on the beach with Mikey and Kai ;)

Feb 11

Danny Charron was the 106lb. ECC Champion

Brothers Mike and David finished 2nd

Feb 11

Naji Powell- pinned morriseete in a minute of the first period.

Flo shows the score whem the person was pinned. I thought the same thing until I saw the time


sweep the leg!
Feb 11

I’ve made the same mistake myself!

sweep the leg!
Feb 11

hahahahaha! True!


Yeah Liam lost to Pena in a wrestle off.


Don‘t know all the details on the Harrington match just know he was extremely happy and fired up trying to get the crowd going after it. I’m sure someone else can fill the details in .

Feb 11

Harrington won 12-9 in a more back and forth match than expected, I even believe Cocchia was winning at one point. Cocchia was able to hit Harrington with a couple key headlocks but Georgie Boy prevailed. And yes Harrington proudly cheered and got the gym hype for and during the next match for his teammate and eventual heavyweight champion Jacob Rizy

Feb 11

Who is soares at 120 ? And what happened to Ashton capichiano?

Feb 11

Soares in New Fairfield 120. Won SWC's yesterday. One of those kids you look at and think really he's 120? Looked a lot bigger. Had nice win over Piel and dominated the finals.

Feb 11

@bst I haven’t seen his name this year and capichiano was ranked 3rd at M’s

Feb 11

@justafan I think he might have been hurt (but not sure)but clearly someone to watch out for this week at M's

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Feb 11

SWC was crazy from a team perspective came down to the last match and Newtown Heavy delivered. Barlow had some tough breaks losing their 120 Alvarez to injury and Klein Wassink losing in the semis on a last second take-down by Newtwon kid Maurouth. Great by effort by both teams. Coniglio-Chin final was exciting. First time I have seen Coniglio he should do some damage at Class L. Could have been a stall call in that one at the end but wasn't made. Speaking of stall calls, never seen anything like the call in Tolland Matos v. Accousti match, awful call. To his credit Tolland Matos didn't let it phase him and got the takedown for the deserved win in OT. Licastri dominated as expected, he will be hard to beat. Linder-Brault final at 106 also was a good one.

Feb 11Edited: Feb 11

132- Miller over Renfree 6-0 @ ECC’s. 2 points scored against him in the tourney And he gave those away. Impressive.

Feb 11Edited: Feb 11

I think Jonathan Davila might be overlooked, he broke two of his fingers in his semis match and didn’t look normal in his finals match. If he was healthy, I think we would have a different FCIAC Champ at 170. Also, I am very excited to watch the potential 160lb LL Finals between Lazar and Tsiranides.

Feb 11



106 - Rapuano - Dominant.

113 - Garcia Dominant, but so many good young wrestlers here. Loria, Barlage, and Zipperstein, Deep weight class.

120 - Divito over Davern 8-5, good match Davern hurt his knee end of 2nd.

126 - Manganiello, wow man this kid is explosive. Very impressive.

132 - Barber, Divito, Larose, and Bradley. Crazy deep. Bradley is amazing. All 4 are really good.

138 - Divito looked good after being out a few weeks. Moynihan was dominant.

145 - Lunt is really really good. Mascola looked really good as well. Edmondson is very good as well. Tough weight.

152 - McCourt was dominant.

160 - Tsiranides was dominant

170 - Good weight class. Sousa looked great, Top 4 all looked strong.

182 - won by Olser, did not seem like a very deep weight.

195 - Bannon is a monster. Very tough weight. Roa seemed hurt and did not place. McHenry looked good but Bannon is just so strong.

220 - Weiner looked good. He controls his matches very well.

285 - Salami win was very exciting. He seems like a really nice kid.


Three team race. Xavier obviously pretty dominant. Foran is such a great program, they seem like a really tight group with great coaches. East Haven is right on the door step. Always a good tourney.

Feb 11

@Matratohboy Any idea if Deivito's stay at 38 & 32 for M's or will they drop back to 32 and 26 where they wrestled a good part of the year?

Feb 11

That makes sense about Rao....he missed the Law Tournament entirely

Feb 11

@bst Not sure, but I think Alec had trouble making 128, I think Tanner can make 134, but is up at 140 since Alec was having trouble. Not sure Alec would even have enough matches to do 128 at M's.

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Feb 12

Just to inform the readers Bolton is so small if you blink you will miss it. Located in northeast part of state bordered by Manchester and Vernon. Kaleb CARLSON is a sophomore team of 1 who has been wrestling since 6 yrs old. Placed third in states at middle school division 3 years ago in a very competitive weight class. Want to acknowledge coaches of nccc for rewarding a wrestler from a team of one and the challenges that entails with O.W.

Feb 15

Wait......why did Morgan wrestle at SCC's?

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    Looking at past year's rosters, the top 10 teams lost the following number of seniors, but also have good wrestlers returning (significant seniors graduated/ Open tournament returning wrestlers - bold Open placer ) 1. Danbury: Lost 4 seniors (Fields, LeBlanc, Osbey/ Knight, O'Dell , Jack, Johnson , Kovacs, Jones, Donovan, Agosto ) 2. Bristol Eastern: Lost 7 seniors (J. Marshall, Piazza, Gonzalez/ A. Marshall, Nichols , Lishness, Thompson ) 3. Xavier: Lost 5 seniors (Sousa, Salami/ Rapuano , Manganiello, Moynihan, Lunt , Miner, Tischio ) 4. Trumbull: Lost 7 seniors (M. Ryan, T. Longo, Kosak, Castaldo, Holmes, Palmieri/ M. Longo, J. Ryan, Bomann, Mercado ) 5. Simsbury: Lost 2 seniors (none/ Kasson, T. Finn , Mairano , Pera , Oken, Sirois, Bergin , F. Guilfoyle ) 6. Warde: Lost 3 seniors (Gjinaj, Zuckerman/ Ebert , Cuoco (2018), Shaughnessy , Rasmussen ) 7. Southington: Lost 6 seniors (Brault, Cardozo, Jacobson, Calo, Chesanow/ Gorr, Vitti , Carr, Brick (2018) ) 8. Killingly: Lost 9 seniors (Dan Charron, M. Charron, Johnson, Turner, Bernier/ Dav. Charron, Bean ) 9. Middletown: Lost 3 seniors (Cyr, Smikle/ Shabazz, Mounts, Toth, Dubon ) 10. Foran: Lost 8 seniors (Lang, Khan, Brogan, Bannon, Ives/ Joshi, Boyles (2018), Edmondson ) What teams will be dominant this year? Any up-and-coming and/or surprise teams? What would be your top 10 teams for 2019-2020?