Feb 26, 2018

Medal Round


Does anybody know why the finals were wrestled at the same time as 3rd/4th and 5th/6th place matches? Took a lot of attention away from the finals. I hope it's not a permanent change. The finals should be separate and the center of everyone's attention. Meanwhile, those going for 3rd and 5th got almost no attention unless it was from the wrestlers' teams.

Feb 26, 2018

this year (as had been done a few times in the past, either due to weather issues or as a trial), the medal round was wrestled concurrently. a survey is being completed by coaches regarding the open, and one of the questions is regarding the finals. please note that with media deadlines and tournament length being one of the primary issues noted by wrestling spectators and fans, the concurrent medal round saves approximately 90 minutes on the schedule. also, there appears to be a contradiction in the 2 statements from above..."took a lot of attention away from the finals" vs "those going for 3rd and 5th got almost no attention..." When 3rd and 5th are wrestled separately prior (with a needed break to alllow for the 45 min rule), it is on 4 mats, increasing the dilution of eyes on those mats (not to mention the casual fans who are still wandering in and out, getting ready for the finals, as well as eventually having fewer fans for the finals, as the peripheral family members of the 3rd & 5th kids have bailed out). The process will be reviewed by the committee in the spring, taking into account the coach survey, facility cost savings etc in determining the format for 2019.

Feb 26, 2018

What I meant was that attention was taken away from both 3rd/5th place bouts and the finals. (Not to mention, as a previous wrestler, it's nice to watch your own weight class finals match). And I still don't understand how there wasn't enough time...quarterfinals were wrestled the day prior, which I don't recall happening in the past few years, at the open at least. And we also took an hour break after the consi semis round...which is long enough for the 45 minute rule, not to mention the fact that 106 would have been done with their 45 minute break after maybe 10 minutes after the 285's had finished wrestling.


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    PJ Sora Armed Forces Memorial Wrestling Tournament (K-8) Londonderry High School 295 Mammoth Road Londonderry, NH 03053 Sponsored by the Londonderry Wrestling Association Tournament will be run on FloArena – link to registration: http://bit.ly/PJSora2019 Date: December 22, 2019 Times: Staggered start times. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN THE SCHEDULE WITH 5-8 GOING FIRST AND HONOR WEIGH INS. Gr 5-8 Wrestling Schedule: Arrive to check in at 7:15 am-7:45 am Wrestling begins at 8:30 am K-4 Wrestling Schedule: Check in between 10:15 - 10:45 Begin wrestling at 11:30 am (at the end of 5-8 or when enough mat space is available to start K-4) Weigh-Ins: K-8 WRESTLERS WILL NOT WEIGH-IN – The Honor System will be used. This is an early season tournament, the goal is to get matches, please use good sportsmanship and enter honest weights. At the discretion of the tournament director, wrestlers will be asked to step on a scale if their weight is questioned. Wrestlers will be grouped according to the weight entered when registering in FloArena online. Please use good sportsmanship and enter the correct weight! K-8 will use the Madison weight system. Athletes will be grouped in 8 man brackets where available using skill level as seeding criteria; round robin format will be used where necessary. This will be determined by the Tournament Director. Wrestlers will be grouped in grades using K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Entry Fee: Register online and pay onsite ($15) during check-in REGISTRATION DEADLINE – DECEMBER 19, 2019 NO WALK IN REGISTRATIONS Awards: Medals awarded to the top 3 place finishers. Questions: pjstournydirector@gmail.com
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    Looking at past year's rosters, the top 10 teams lost the following number of seniors, but also have good wrestlers returning (significant seniors graduated/ Open tournament returning wrestlers - bold Open placer ) 1. Danbury: Lost 4 seniors (Fields, LeBlanc, Osbey/ Knight, O'Dell , Jack, Johnson , Kovacs, Jones, Donovan, Agosto ) 2. Bristol Eastern: Lost 7 seniors (J. Marshall, Piazza, Gonzalez/ A. Marshall, Nichols , Lishness, Thompson ) 3. Xavier: Lost 5 seniors (Sousa, Salami/ Rapuano , Manganiello, Moynihan, Lunt , Miner, Tischio ) 4. Trumbull: Lost 7 seniors (M. Ryan, T. Longo, Kosak, Castaldo, Holmes, Palmieri/ M. Longo, J. Ryan, Bomann, Mercado ) 5. Simsbury: Lost 2 seniors (none/ Kasson, T. Finn , Mairano , Pera , Oken, Sirois, Bergin , F. Guilfoyle ) 6. Warde: Lost 3 seniors (Gjinaj, Zuckerman/ Ebert , Cuoco (2018), Shaughnessy , Rasmussen ) 7. Southington: Lost 6 seniors (Brault, Cardozo, Jacobson, Calo, Chesanow/ Gorr, Vitti , Carr, Brick (2018) ) 8. Killingly: Lost 9 seniors (Dan Charron, M. Charron, Johnson, Turner, Bernier/ Dav. Charron, Bean ) 9. Middletown: Lost 3 seniors (Cyr, Smikle/ Shabazz, Mounts, Toth, Dubon ) 10. Foran: Lost 8 seniors (Lang, Khan, Brogan, Bannon, Ives/ Joshi, Boyles (2018), Edmondson ) What teams will be dominant this year? Any up-and-coming and/or surprise teams? What would be your top 10 teams for 2019-2020?