Jan 15, 2018

New England Regional Rankings


Edited: Jan 15, 2018


Posting this set of rankings on all (6) New England State Forums for next (4) Days and hoping for help/input with notable wins on ranked wrestlers below or a weight class change. Will be posting these as a Midseason “New England Regional Rankings” and will be going on National site shortly after. Also will feature an end of the year Ranking with more content, hoping to increase exposure to the region. Please update with any ranked wins or national accomplishments.

These rankings pulled every returning NE Placer, New England Qualifier and All-State Placer from ALL (6) states (MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT). These rankings consider recent results, national tournament success, and postseason accomplishments. This is an overall preview of each weight as well as a quick breakdown of the top 3 schools within the NE Title Team Race.

I will am thinking about adding some additional content to this as well. Some ideas I am thinking about adding includes a top 20 P4P, Class Rankings and a more in depth write up of the team race and weight class breakdown.

Quick FYI: State Placer = All-State Placer in this write up since there are 6 different qualifying processes and avoids confusion on a larger scale when this is posted on a national site... So in MA, All-State Placer = “State Placer" & Placing at Divisional States = "State Qualifier"

106 1. Hunter Adrian - Melrose, MA 2. Travis Longo - Wilton, CT 3. Joziah Fry - Coventry, RI 4. Sam Wagner - Concord, NH 5. Ty Finn - Simsbury, CT 6. Tyler Johnson - Danbury, CT 7. Bryce Beebe - Bristol Eastern, CT 8. Tyler Knox - Pentucket, MA 9. Calvin Dalton - Salem, MA 10. Jack Ryan - Trumbull, CT


- This was by far the toughest weight to rank with most returners moving up in weight class. After the Top 4 there are a number of up & comers at this weight. It will be exciting to see how the rest of the field shapes up and I expect a bunch of new names to land on the end of the year ranking.

- Hunter Adrian is the clear cut #1 and the only returning NE placer at the weight.

- Longo is a solid #2 at the weight. He is currently ranked #1 in CT and is a returning State Placer

- Fry slots in as #3 at the weight and is returning NE qualifier and State Finalist

- Wagner of Concord is also a State Finalist and returning NE Qualifierx

113 1. Andrew Fallon - La Salle, RI 2. Jared Kosman - Fitch, CT 3. Hunter Verge - St Johnsbury, VT 4. Kyle Randall - Newton North, MA 5. Max Leete - Danvers. MA 6. Aiden Winn - Brockton, MA 7. Trevor Nugent - Masco, MA 8. Jonathan Austin - White Mountain, NH 9. Brady Folan - North Attleboro, MA 10. Noah Dumas - Cony, ME


- Fallon is the #1 ranked wrestler at this weight. He is an NHSCA All-American, State Champion and NE Placer. Fallon also had an amazing run at Super 32 making the blood round.

- Kosman slots in at #2 and will be a major threat for the title. He is an NHSCA All-American and a 2x NE Placer. Fallon and Kosman met last year twice at NE’s and they were battles, expect another one this year.

- Verge lands #3 fresh off an impressive Lowell Holiday Championship edging out #4 Randall in the finals. Verge is a returning State Champion and will be a name to watch come March.

- Randall and Leete slot in at #4 and #5, respectively. Both are State Placers and are talented wrestlers that will make a run come postseason. Randall upended Leete 4-3 in the Lowell Semi Finals which gives him the nod in the ranking. Randall also qualified for NE’s last season placing 3rd at States.


120 (Updated) 1. Ryan Jack - Danbury, CT 2. Jack Darling - Masco, MA 3. Chris Trelli - Bristol, CT 4. Alejandro Garcia - Windham, CT 5. Riley Millette - Windham, NH 6. Nate Williams - Bishop Hendrickson, RI 7. Brett Kappler - Timberlane, NH 8. Ben Smart - Ridgefield, CT 9. Brian Garry - Holliston, MA 10. Shamir Rai - Manchester Memorial, NH


- Ryan Jack leads this weight at #1 spot. His success on the mat is no secret to anyone in New England. Last year he made his name known advancing to the New England Finals. The returning All-American and State Champion will look to finish the job this year with a NE Title.

- Jack Darling of Masco is #2 at this weight. He is a 2x New England Placer and took 3rd at NHSCA Nationals last year also earning All-American status.

- Chris Trelli lands at #3 at 120 lbs. He is a Fargo Finalist and a returning NE placer.

- Garcia is a very solid #4 at the weight. He returns as NE qualifier placing 3rd last year at CT States. I can’t wait to see how this years CT State tournament pans out at this weight with 3 of the top 4 ranked wrestlers coming from this state.

New Note (after recent weekend results): #8 and #9 switch after head to head win. Smart over Garry.

126 (Updated) 1. Mel Ortiz - New Milford, CT 2. Keenan Taylor - Mt. Anthony, VT 3. Cole Wyman - Brockton, MA 4. Hayden Brown - Exeter, NH 5. Kyle Fields - Danbury, CT 6. Joey Valentino - North Andover, MA 7. Justin Mastroianni - New Cannon, CT 8. Conor Thompson - Quabbin, MA 9. Jac St. Jean - Goffstown, NH 10. Taylor Donovan - Timberlane, NH


- Interesting weight class here with a number of potential champions in the mix. Big question is; will Camacho come down from 132 lbs. And Fields make the switch to 132? This will drastically change the outlook of both weight classes. Either way, this weight class is loaded.

- Taylor of Mt. Anthony snags the #1 spot after he upset Cole Wyman (#2) in the Lowell Holiday finals. Taylor is a returning NE placer and has been wrestling all over the country this off season making some major strides.

- Cole Wyman comes in at #2 ranked wrestler at 126 lbs. He started the year at #1 but with the recent loss he has bumped down to #2 where he will look to avenge his this loss in March. Wyman is a returning 2x State Champion & 2x NE Placer taking 4th last season & 2nd the year prior.

- Hayden Brown moves over from the prep circuit and slots in nicely at #3 spot. The 2x Prep All-American is a stud and could very well land at the top of the podium this year.

- Fields of Danbury is a returning All-American and CT State Champion. Look for him to make some serious noise for the Hatters.

- Valentino of North Andover ranks at #5 for this weight with a beautiful run as the MA7 to 5th at NE’s showing the committee that the recent change for an additional MA/CT spot was a smart move. Some great wrestlers to follow including super Freshman Mastrioianni, who has been making splashes on the national circuit for the last few years. Thompson is another name to look out for as he is a 3x NE Qualifier/State Placer.

New Note (after recent weekend results): Ortiz drops down to 126 from 138 and is a new #1 at the weight. His recent 3rd at Eastern States was an impressive run including a head to head over Fields.


132 1. Jakob Camacho - Danbury, CT 2. Connor McGonagle, Timberlane, NH 3. Ryan Garlitz - Saint John’s Prep, MA 4. Seth Brown - Coventry, RI 5. Ramazan Attasauov - Wayland, MA 6. Sean Johnson - Ellis Tech, CT 7. Cesar Alvan - Ludlow, MA 8. Noah Call - Mt Anthony, VT 9. Tyler Glynn - Central Catholic, MA 10. Roman Mayer - Mt Abraham, VT


- Hands down the best weight class in NE. This one is tough to argue as the top 2 are Nationally ranked and are #1-2 P4P in NE, top 3 are All-Americans, and 6 of these wrestlers placed at NE’s last year. This weight is going to be absolute fireworks and worth the price of admission alone!

- #1 Camacho is the REAL DEAL. Currently ranked 2nd in the country, the NC State Commit will look to repeat as NE Champion this year. His accolades are unbelievable; Super 32 CHAMP, multiple time All-American (3rd at Fargo, 4th at NHSCA as a Soph), New England Champion & 2x Placer (3rd in 2016), and 2x CT State Champion… to name a few. This young man has a bright future ahead of him and will be a fun one to watch, in HS and in College.

- Rarely do you have the top 2 P4P Wrestlers in NE in the same weight class… This year we do. Connor McGonagle is an absolute stud and is also a Nationally ranked powerhouse coming in at #7 in the country! He is another one that his resume speaks for itself… Multiple time All-American including 3rd place finish at Super 32 & 2nd place finish at NHSCA Soph. Nationals. The year prior he was a National Champion and New England Finalist. He also was a New England Champion last season. Most recently he snagged another podium spot at Beast of the East finishing 3rd. Forget State or NE Title… Both Camacho and McGonagle have their eyes set on a National Title (HS & College).

- If anyone can look to knock off one of these two top dogs at the weight to make a finalist appearance at New England’s it’s these next few wrestlers (#3 - 6), they were also extremely tough to rank amongst each other as they all are extremely accomplished and deserving.

- Garlitz of SJP comes in at #3 in this loaded weight class. Garlitz is a returning New England Finalist and NHSCA All-American. He is also a 2x State Placer/NE Qualifier. Garlitz is another wrestler to look out for when it’s all said and done. Look for him on the P4P list as well.

- Returning State Champion and New England Placer Seth Brown ranks at #4 at this weight. Brown can win at any level and placed last year at NE’s in one of the strongest weights in the tournament.

- It is insane to me that someone like Ramazan Attasouv is coming in at #5 as he is one of MA’s finest and can absolutely shock some people and bracket bust this thing wide open. Attasouv is a TOUGH wrestler that is a threat from natural to anyone he crosses. He won a MA State Title last season at 126 lbs. He also placed 5th at New England's. He does have a head-to-head loss to #4 Brown when he wrestled him at Nationals which explains why he falls to #5.

- Sean Johnson comes in at #6 at the weight. He is a returning NE placer taking 3rd last year at 113 lbs. He was also a State Finalist in CT. Johnson will turn some heads this season and will look to make some serious waves at NE’s.

- The rest of the field is also dangerous and should not be overlooked. Alvan is a returning NE qualifier and had an impressive Lowell Holiday tournament knocking off #8 Call in the Consi Finals. #8 Call of Mt. Anthony is also a returning NE Placer and State Champion coming out of VT.

138 (Updated) 1. Tyler Sung - New Cannon, CT 2. Josh Lee - Burlington, MA 3. Samson Sirois - Skowhegan, ME 4. Sean Caltagairone - Coventry, RI 5. Sean Herbert - Melrose, MA 6. AJ Pagliarulo - Bedford, NH 7. Mahari Miller - Springfield Central, MA 8. Sam Lynch - Ponaganset, RI 9. Dylan Disano - Bishop Hendricken, RI 10. Demetre Carnot -Maloney, CT


- We already mentioned the toughest weight in New England. Now it’s time to review the DEEPEST weight in New England with unbelievable wrestlers found in this weight, top to bottom. A few early season upsets really shook up this weight class and it was an extremely challenging one to sift through. I feel that there are about 14-15 wrestlers at this weight that have the talent to win the whole weight. This will be the most exciting weight class to watch at NE’s from opening round through the finals.

- #1 at this weight is returning New England Finalist and MA State Champion Josh Lee. So far Lee has had an impressive season and is unbeaten. He comes fresh off a Lowell Holiday and will look to maintain his #1 ranking. Tyler Sung is also a New England Finalist and NHSCA All-American. Sung had an impressive run at NE’s last year defeating Attasouv in route to the finals as a CT2.

- Samson Sirois of Skowhegan is a returning New England Placer snagging 4th place last season. He is also a returning Maine State Champion and ranks 3rd at this weight. Caltagarione of Coventry RI comes in at #4 and is also a returning New England Placer. The Rhode Island State Champion was able to turn peoples heads last season but will have a very tough RI State bracket with Lynch and Disano.

- Demetre Carnot of Maloney CT has the early season upset that shook up these rankings when he upset All-American and returning NE Placer Ortiz 7-5. Carnot is also a NE Qualifier and CT State Placer.

- This is also a decision that I battled with for a long time (ranking 7-10) as Hebert of Melrose shook things up at Lowell with 2 big upsets en route to the finals. First he beat Marinelli who was a 4th placer at MA last season. He then went on to beat returning NH State Champion and New England Placer AJ Pagliarulo. Although in my state rankings I had Alexander (4th at MA States last season) higher then Herbert last week. I evaluated the significant wins and Herberts wins over an MA4 and a NE6 pushed this change. Miller also upset Pagliarulo but remains below Alexander due to a loss in the Championship side to an unranked wrestler.

- The field at this weight is something that should be noted as there are a number of wrestlers that didn’t even crack the top 10 that have the potential to make a run at New England’s. Sam Lynch (RI State Champion & 5-2 at Super 32), Ryan Angers (3rd in CT), Dylan Disano (2nd in RI), and Eddie Marinelli (4th in MA) to name a few… I have a sneaking suspicion this weight will cause the most conversation on the State forums and may be some changes before posting Nationally.

New Notes (After recent results): Tons of shifts in this weight due to Ortiz dropping and some other results. Lee and Sung swap after Sung takes 3rd 138 lbs. @ Eastern States and Lee DNP in same bracket (both NE Finalist). New Names emerge in the weight. Alexander drops off after recent loss in Woburn finals. Putnam, SJP, Angers and Marinelli are all on cusp.

145 1. Alan Kovacs - Danbury, CT 2. Shaun Wagner - Southington, CT 3. Peyton Cole - Ellsworth, ME 4. Evan Goodall - Chelmsford, MA 5. Cole McGill - Ponaganset, RI 6. Joey Sanchez - Central Catholic MA 7. Dylan Musgrave - Timberlane, NH 8. Cameron McClure - Alvrine, NH 9. Julien Hovan - Merrimack, NH 10. Brian Lindsey - Kingswood, NH


- Luckily this weight is a little more straight forward. Kovacs comes in as the favorite at this weight. Kovacs is a returning National Finalist (Freshman NHSCA) and New England Placer (3rd). The Sophomore is already turning heads nationally and will be a force this season.

- Wagner of Southington CT comes in at #2 after an impressive Lowell Holiday’s where he knocked of 2 New England Placers (#3 & #4).

- Peyton Cole of Ellsworth Maine snags the #3 spot. He is a returning State Champion and New England Placer (4th at 152 lbs. last year).

- Goodall is a solid #4 as he is a returning MA State Finalist, NE Placer and Freshman All-American last season.

- New Hampshire will have a fun State tournament as a number of quality wrestlers will be battling for the 3 qualifying spots. Lindsey is a returning NE placer, Hovan and Musgrave are returning State Finalists, and McClure recently beat Hovan (who beat Lindsey)

152 1. Ryan Luth - Foran CT 2. Devin Rivet - Bishop Hendricken, RI 3. Samuel Kury - Montville, CT 4. Cooper Fleming - Granby Memorial, CT 5. Tyler Burgess - Mt Anthony, VT 6. Jeremy Sendrowski - Scarborough, ME 7. CJ Cincotta - North Andover, MA 8. Jeffrey Sushana - Somers, CT 9. Quinton Richards - Nokimis, ME 10. Tegan Welch - Southington, CT


- This weight will be another fun weight to watch as the field seems wide open. The top 2 are seem to be separated from the pack but getting on the podium (3rd - 6th) at NE’s will be anyone's game.

- Ryan Luth comes in as the #1 ranked wrestler at this weight. He is a returning State Champion out of CT and a New England Champion. Luth has had a ton of success on the national circuit as well. This past spring he was able to accomplish All-American honors at NHCSA Nationals placing top 5.

- Rivet of Bishop Hendricken RI is another wrestler that will be pushing for a New England Title. Rivet is a returning New England placer and RI State Champion. Rivet has the type of talent that can excel on the next level if he so chooses to continue his career in college.

- Kury and Fleming come in at #3 & #4 respectively. Both are returning CT state placers and are talented wrestlers. Fleming had a big Lowell tournament capturing the title and knocking of returning NE Placer (#5) Burgess of Mt. Anthony. Burgess will need to come up big here if Mt. Anthony hopes to push for a team title.


160 (Updated) 1. Lucas Cordio - Nashoba, MA 2. Ahmad Shariff - Putnam, MA 3. Michael Barrett - Bristol Eastern, CT 4. Dawson Stevens - Oxford, ME 5. Izaake Zuckerman - Fairfield Warde, CT 6. Tristen Cabinta - Salem, NH 7. Michael Angers - Tolland, CT 8. Kyle Gora - Alvrine, NH 9. Marc Boomhower - Campbell, NH 10. Dakota Peters - Rutland, VT


- Great weight class all around. Has top level talent as well as a loaded field. Few great names that didn’t even make the list due to the depth in this weight.

- 2x All American and 2x New England Placer (2nd & 3rd) leads this weight class. Lucas Cordio out of Nashoba MA is the real deal and will be the favorite this year.

- Ahmad Shariff from Putnam MA comes in at #2 at the weight. He is a returning NE placer and a MA State Champion. Ahmad made a jump in these rankings lately with a HUGE win over returning NE Placer #3 Michael Barrett. This win vaulted him to the #2 and continues to show that this potential State Final at 160 lbs could be the most intriguing matchup in MA.

- Barrett took 3rd at New England's last season and comes in at #3. Dawson Stevens slots in right behind him at #4. The Maine native took 4th at New England's last season.

- Great group of talented wrestlers follow including Zuckerman who recently had a very impressive Lowell tournament downing some great wrestlers in route including Reyes (Dedham, MA), super Freshman #7 Gora and #10 Berube in the finals.

- Angers, Gora, Boomhower, Peters and Berube all have the talent to shake up this bracket come New England’s.

New Notes (after recent results): Cabinta dropping to 160 really shakes things up. I slotted the 2x All-American at #6 after the change.

170 (Updated) 1. Paul Calo - Southington, CT 2. Ryan Devivo - Xavier, CT 3. Gino Baratta - Danbury, CT 4. Joe Vecchione - Chelmsford, MA 5. Dan Curran - Conval, NH 6. Tim Ramstrom - Natick, MA 7. Sam Anderson - Sanford, ME 8. Anders Klass - Braintree, MA 9. Isaac Gladley - Concord, NH 10. Dylan Strong - Marshwood, ME


- The most loaded upper weight class in New England. Great wrestlers here with a stacked field and 2 Top P4P wrestlers at the top!

- Returning New England Champion Paul Calo leads the way and is ranked #1 at 170 lbs. He showed everyone his dominance at Lowell’s walking through a very tough weight with quick pins until he reached the finals where he teched #4 in this weight.

- Devivo out of Xavier CT comes in at #2 and will be looking to avenge his loss in the New England finals to Calo this season. Last year Devivo took the CT state finals but was upset in the finals by Calo in a very competitive match. These two go back and forth and I expect fireworks again this year. Devivo is also an All-American taking 8th place at NHSCA this off-season.

- To say CT is solid at this weight would be an understatement. Baratta of Danbury CT comes in at #3 and is also a returning New England Placer.

- Vecchione and Curran come in at #4 and #5 both defeating 2x All-American Cabinta (#6) at Lowell’s. Ramstrom was also a round away from placing at New England’s last season and will look to finish the job this March.

New Notes (after recent results): Cabinta drops moves up everyone and brings a new #10 Dylan Strong. He is a Maine Returning New England Qualifier and had a solid Lowell Holiday's knocking off some big names.


182 1. Richard Fredette - Winslow, ME 2. Tom Wrzesien - Chariho - RI 3. Josh Bechen - Catholic Memorial, MA 4. Sterling McLaughlin - Pinkerton, NH 5. Dylan Tremblay - Timberlane, NH 6. Ben Kibby, Granby Memorial, CT 7. Zach Caffrey - Killingly, CT 8. Zuka Mabior - Oxford Hills, ME 9. James Danis - Essex, VT 10. Vinnie Holmes - Mansfield, MA


- Another weight that will be up for grabs with a large group of talented wrestlers at this weight. #1-3 will be interesting to see how it turns out as I believe any of the 3 could win this weight.

- New England Finalist and Maine State Champion Richard Fredette will lead the pack at #1. Wrezesien of Chariho RI slots in nicely at the #2 spot. He is a RI State Champion and also placed at New England’s last season.

- Josh Bechen comes in at #3. He is a returning MA State Champion and was an All-American two season ago. McLaughlin had a great Lowell Holiday tournament beating #6 CT State Finalist Kibby in the Semi Finals and #5 New England Placer Tremblay in the Finals.

195 1. Jeffrey Worster - Oxford Hills, ME 2. Travis Manick - Methuen, MA 3. Sam Wilkins - Mt. Anthony, VT 4. Tyler Riggs - Ponaganset, RI 5. Ray Weiner - Shelton, CT 6. Andrew Desmarias - Dracut, MA 7. Eli Wilson - Nauset, MA 8. Darby McLaughlin - Springfield Central, MA 9. Brett Nutter - Trumbull, CT 10. Alex Rizanov - Essex, VT


- The most wide open of 14 weights I believe. Some solid big boys that know how to wrestle and also think this weight will have some new names landing on the final list.

- Worster is the #1 at this weight. He is a NHSCA National Finalist (Freshman) and a Maine State Placer/NE qualifier. Last season he was a match away from placing at New England's at 220 lbs.

- Manick is ranked #2 for the weight. He was 4th last season in MA States and was also a match away from the podium at NE.

- Wilkins comes in at #3, He was a Freshman All-American last season. He also won the Lowell Holidays and was VT state Champion. Riggs will be a solid competitor at #4, returning RI State Finalist will look to make some noise come New England’s.

220 1. Andrew Marshall - Lincoln Sudbury, MA 2. Nick Johnson - Milton, VT 3. Dakota Grover - Fitch, CT 4. Robert Fahey - Pinkerton, NH 5. Nolan Potter - Wells, ME 6. Nicholas Cote - Bethel, CT 7. Ryan Higgins - Billerica, MA 8. Omar Eldaly - Shawsheen Tech, MA 9. Colin Crowley - Mt. Anthony, VT 10. Isaiah Jiminian - East Hartford, CT


- Sneaky good weight here. What other upper weight class has 2 returning New England Champions, multiple New England Placers, and some depth. Good weight this year in NE…

- Andrew Marshall comes in at the #1. He is a returning New England Champion and has been dominant all season long. He won lowell holidays and nationally he advanced to the blood rd 2x and will likely look to finish the job this March as a 2x New England Champ and finally punch through as a AA at NHSCA's.

- Nick Johnson is out of Milton VT and is a reining New England Champion. He slots in #2 at the weight and will be a force this season.

- Dakota Grover comes in at #3. Grover is a returning NE Qualifier out of CT and State placer. He was a round away from placing at NE’s last season and is a Lowell holiday finalist.

- Fahey is ranked 4th of Pinkerton NH. He is a returning NE qualifier and took 3rd at Lowell Holiday’s with a solid win over #7 Higgins of Billerica.

- Potter is a Returning Maine State Champion and ranks #5 while Cote is a returning NE Placer and ranks #6 due to some go around losses with the next few guys.

- As mentioned above, lot of guys on the cusp here, few names had to leave off due to a number of go arounds and only so many rankings spots. Including Pekakar of Dedham, Ware of Quabbin and Peterson of Putnam (all of them MA wrestlers).

285 1. Michael Burshell - Daniel Hand, CT 2. Calvin Hayford - Mt Anthony, VT 3. Brooks Jones - Wayland, MA 4. Hunter Ladd - St. Johnsbury, VT 5. Dante Delbonis - La Salle, RI 6. David Gross - Bucksport, ME 7. Jacare Houston - New Haven, CT 8. Zebulun Leavitt - Cheverus, ME 9. Jakob Peavey - Erkskine Academy, ME 10. Noah Beaulieu - Timberlane, NH


- Burshell is the heavy favorite here. He is a returning 3rd at New England’s and also won the Journeymen this Fall. He will be looking for the top of the podium this season.

- Hayford has had a ton of big wins in some major offseason tournaments and has AA’ed at NHSCA Nationals. He is currently committed to Campbell and will be a major threat at NE’s for Mt. Anthony.

- Jones is #3 at this weight and is a MA State Placer and also had some big wins en route to the finals at Lowell’s including OT win over #4 Hunter Ladd (VT State Champ)

- Couple more returning State Champs at the weight including Delbonis (RI), Gross (ME), and Beaulieu (NH). As always, heavy will have a lot of new names emerge throughout the season.



Team Rankings:

1st - Danbury, CT:

#1 Ryan Jack (120) #1 Jakob Camacho (132) #1 Alan Kovacs (145) #3 Gino Baretta (170) #5 Kyle Fields (126) #6 Tyler Johnson (106)

Danbury comes in as the favorite to win New England's and take the team title back to back years. They have a ton of heavy hitters that will have a lot of firepower. This team will be extremely tough to take down given the tournament scoring and potential finalist. (3) All-Americans lead this team with Camacho, Jack, and Kovacs. Baretta and Fields will also turn some heads and have potential finalist appearances. Look out for the Danbury Hatters. They will have to get through a very tough CT State Tournament which could be a big factor in this.

2nd - Mt. Anthony, VT #2 Keenan Taylor (126) #2 Calvin Hayford (285) #3 Sam Wilkins (195) #5 Tyler Burgess (152) #8 Noah Call (132) #9 Colin Crowley (220)

Mt. Anthony (VT) comes in as the clear cut #2 for the team title. They too have a ton of firepower but will need some big tournaments out of guys like Wilkins, Burgess, Call and Crowley in order to produce enough tournament points. They do have a large advantage of the VT State Tournament and getting in more qualifiers so they could very well be entering the tournament with 13--14 wrestlers. With some of those wrestlers going 1-2 or 2-2 this team can close the gap and make this a very tight team race. Especially with some great wrestlers in their lineup that are returning NE Qualifiers not ranked top 10 but will most likely all qualify again and make some noise in their weights (McLaughlin, Coon, Mayer).

3rd - Timberlane, NH

#2 Connor McGonagle (132) #5 Dylan Tremblay (182) #7 Brett Kappler (120) #7 Dylan Musgrave (145) #10 Taylor Donovan (126) #10 Noah Beaulieu (285)

Timberlane (NH) comes in at the #3 for the team race and is likely the only team that will have an outside shot at the team title. They are one of the only teams that will be able to qualify enough wrestlers to make them a dark horse in this team race. They too have a number of wrestlers ranked but will need some big performances out of the #7’s and #10’s. They will need to punch in some podium spots in order to pull it off. Will be interesting too see if they can with McGonagle and Tremblay leading the way.

Other Teams to look out for:

Team, State (Returning Qualifiers) Ranked Wrestlers,

Rhode Island: Coventry, RI (4) 3rd, 4th, 4th & Ponaganset, RI (4) 4th, 5th, 8th

Massachusetts: Chelmsford, MA (3) 4th, 4th

Maine: Marshwood, ME (5) 10th

Vermont: Essex, VT (7) 9th, 10th

Connecticut: Southington (2) 1st, 2nd, 10th

New Hampshire: Concord, NH (3) 4th, 9th

Jan 15, 2018

i dont know what Ortiz is certified at 128 or not but thought i should point out that eastern states i am pretty sure was four pound allowance so 126 was 130 not 128. i am not 100% on this just what someone told me who was going also looks like Garcia will be 115

Jan 15, 2018

also Burchell beat Hayford pretty handily this weekend 7 to 2 controlled the whole match.

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    Looking at past year's rosters, the top 10 teams lost the following number of seniors, but also have good wrestlers returning (significant seniors graduated/ Open tournament returning wrestlers - bold Open placer ) 1. Danbury: Lost 4 seniors (Fields, LeBlanc, Osbey/ Knight, O'Dell , Jack, Johnson , Kovacs, Jones, Donovan, Agosto ) 2. Bristol Eastern: Lost 7 seniors (J. Marshall, Piazza, Gonzalez/ A. Marshall, Nichols , Lishness, Thompson ) 3. Xavier: Lost 5 seniors (Sousa, Salami/ Rapuano , Manganiello, Moynihan, Lunt , Miner, Tischio ) 4. Trumbull: Lost 7 seniors (M. Ryan, T. Longo, Kosak, Castaldo, Holmes, Palmieri/ M. Longo, J. Ryan, Bomann, Mercado ) 5. Simsbury: Lost 2 seniors (none/ Kasson, T. Finn , Mairano , Pera , Oken, Sirois, Bergin , F. Guilfoyle ) 6. Warde: Lost 3 seniors (Gjinaj, Zuckerman/ Ebert , Cuoco (2018), Shaughnessy , Rasmussen ) 7. Southington: Lost 6 seniors (Brault, Cardozo, Jacobson, Calo, Chesanow/ Gorr, Vitti , Carr, Brick (2018) ) 8. Killingly: Lost 9 seniors (Dan Charron, M. Charron, Johnson, Turner, Bernier/ Dav. Charron, Bean ) 9. Middletown: Lost 3 seniors (Cyr, Smikle/ Shabazz, Mounts, Toth, Dubon ) 10. Foran: Lost 8 seniors (Lang, Khan, Brogan, Bannon, Ives/ Joshi, Boyles (2018), Edmondson ) What teams will be dominant this year? Any up-and-coming and/or surprise teams? What would be your top 10 teams for 2019-2020?