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NHSCA Nationals


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Any thoughts on who has a shot at placing or Winning it? I am not sure who is attending but I’ll throw a few names out there... I know I will miss many, I am just throwing out some names off the top of my head.



Freshman: This weight is crazy deep down in Virginia so I think it will be tough for our guys to make the Podium. I think it’s a long shot for O’Dell, Lindner, and Longo... but I wouldn't be surprised to see one sneak into a medal round


Sophomore: Rapuano can make the podium here, the weight is still pretty competitive at the sophomore level. Brault wins a few matches but no placement IMO.


Junior: This is where the weight starts to slim out but I’m not sure who we have from CT that is junior 106 that is completive enough here


Senior: do they have a 106 senior weight or does it start at 113? Carron/Thomson could definitely win matches at 106 and place with the bracket being very small.



Freshman: Another crazy deep weight for freshman. Levesque would be competitive, but not an AA.


Sophomore: Currier wins matches but I’d be surprised to see an AA. 100+ man bracket and I can’t see him winning 7+ matches to place


Junior: Sutton is the only name I come up with here, not likely to AA


Senior: Between Cyr and Longo, I think CT can get 1 AA here.



All grades: I think the best shot of an AA here would be Finn at sophomore age group.



Freshman: Ebert/Mariano could get on the podium here. I think Ebert has the better chance. As far as I can think back, Ebert has always found a way to make the podium at every event I have been to. Robbie Accomando of Trinity Pawling (from Newtown) has wins over Ebert in youth last year. If he goes he can get some wins too.


Junior: Jack is a title contender here. Robbie Howard, #2 in the country has a win over jack this year but it was close. All other higher ranked wrestlers are seniors at this weight



Freshman: Kane is tough and can place at 132.

Sophomore: Nichols and Pera have the best shot for CT at this weight, I can see them getting some W’s at sophomore nationals. Long shots for AA though



Mastroianni is a threat for a title at sophomore nationals. I think he should AA

S. Johnson is legit, but so is 138 senior nationals… I think he finds himself deep in this tournament.



Sung/Kovacs can make the podium at junior nationals. They both have placed before, with Kovacs making a finals appearance



Hunter Adams is tough and I think he can do well at 52 juniors. Hope to see him win some matches here.



I think Bergin can find himself on the podium as a freshman. Outside of him, I’m not confident in any other age group



Not sure of anyone here at any age division


Licastri has a shot of AA at Junior Nationals. I think he is a legit threat to place here. Brackets won’t be as large as some of the lighter weights, 5/6 wins will get it done.



Jamikael Lytle has a shot at freshman nationals here with brackets usually being as large as R32. Kid is going to be great over the next few years


Gjinaj is tough and usually keeps most matches close no matter who he wrestles. I see him winning some matches, but not AA caliber



All placers for CT open where Seniors/Juniors here. I don’t think any can AA


Not sure of any Fresh/Sophomores that we have??



Matt Weiner is an AA contender here at Freshman Nationals. Outside of him, I don’t think we have any shot.



Mar 3

Calo back from shoulder surgery by then? I think Kibby's knee is more long term.

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With the Flo Nationals switching to Freestyle this year I think you might see a decline in the entries at this tournament, I know my son has a very good chance at AAing at there , but his focus is hopefully qualifying for Pans

Mar 3

@josephprovo NHSCA is 3 weeks prior to Flo nationals this year so i don't think it should affect the numbers. In years past, they have been held on the same weekend so i think we will see an increase in attendance to be honest.


I do like the Flo national platform this year. Serving as the the cadet pan american trials and seeding criteria for world team trials in Akron.

Mar 4

I was thinking the same thing, I mentioned that too but in his mind he is so set on making it happen at flos that they are heavily practicing freestyle and Greco already, I wish all the CT wrestlers the best of luck down there!! Either way CT will be recognized at both tournaments

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I should of thought of Provo when typing this out...


I know a bunch of CT guys going to both competitions. We are hoping to get some AA's and National champs at both. Best of luck to your son

Apr 19

@josephprovo Great Greco tournament for Nico!

Mar 29

CT with 4 in rd of 16 at 113 Seniors. Charron vs. Smith in rd of 16. Good chance for multiple all-Americans at this weight class

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