Feb 20

Open Predictions


Can anyone beat Danbury? I suspect not, certainly Trumbull, Bristol Eastern, Simsbury and Xaiver all threats. I think Xavier will do well as a lot of guys who can get on the podium. Individual predictions:


106: Rapuano (strong field should be fun)

113: Cyr (potential Hall v Cyr and Charron v Longo semis)

120: Sutton (crazy deep weight I could see 5 or 6 different guys winning)

126: Jack(Hard to see him losing, potential Mariano/Smart v Folino semi should be good)

132: Fields(potential 3rd match-up of Parrot v Fields)

138: Mastroianni(stacked weight some great quarters, interested to see potential Schand v Mastroianni semi)

145: Sung (Hard to see him losing, Veleas v Roberts in rd of 16 a good early one)

152: Marshall (should be good potential final vs Adams)

160: Angers (Hard to see him losing although Gonzalez gave him a tough one in class M final)

170: Sousa (could see a few guys winning this one)

182: LiCastri (Should be great potential final vs. Commander, Nanai not to be overlooked )

195: Gjanji (rematch v Osbey not sure if that would 3rd or 4th time?)

220: Gonzalez(not sure who is best placed for upset)

285: Schrecengost (could see a few different winners)


Feb 20

Interesting possible round of 16 matches:


120 - Powell v Sutton

Ryan v Finn


126 - Kosak v Charron


138 - Ryan v Robertson

Laurie v Brault


145 - Shaughnessy v Fedorko


152 - Sibbett v Venase


182 - Osier v Goethe


I love the Opens......

Feb 21

My best guess at the team results:

1. Danbury

2. Bristol Eastern

3. Trumbull

4. Simsbury

5. Xavier

6. Killingly

7. Southington

Feb 21

Here are my Finals predictions:

106: Longo (Trumbull 1LL) over O'dell (Danbury (2LL)

113: Cyr (Middletown 1L) over Longo (Trumbull 1LL)

120: Johnson (Danbury 1LL) over White (Norwalk 2LL)

126: Jack (Danbury 1LL) over Ebert (Warde 3LL)

132: Fields (Danbury 1LL) over Toland-Matos (Bethel 1M)

138: Mastroianni (New Cannan 1L) over Johnson (Ellis Tech 1M)

145: Sung (New Cannoan 1L) over Velds (Berlin 1M)

152: Marshall (Bristol Eastern 1L) over Mazur (Westhill 2LL)

160: Angers (Tolland 1M) over Schwartz (Northwestern 1S)

170: Sousa (Xavier 1L) over Carr (Southington 1LL)

182: LiCastri (Joel Barlow 1M) over Commander (New London 1L)

195: Gjinaj (Warde 1LL) over Osbey (Danbury 2LL)

220: Gonzalez (Bristol Eastern 1L) over Harrington (Staples 1LL)

285: Zeller (Newtown 1LL) over Schrecengost (Avon 1M)


Team Scores:

1st. Danbury 2nd. Trumbull

3rd. Bristol Eastern

4th. Simsbury

5h. Warde

Feb 21


106: Rapuano over Charron

113: Charron over Smith

120: Finn over White

126: Jack over Smart

132: Fields over Bradley

138: Johnson over Schand

145: Sung Over Cardozo

152: Marshall over Adams

160: Angers over Gonazalez

170: Turner over Nooden

182: Nanai over Commander

195: Gjinaj over Bannon

220: Gonzalez over Weiner

285: Zeller over Schrecengost

Blast double
Feb 21

Wow. What matches have you been watching this year. ? So you have both longos out parrott out, mastrionn out ?? Lol. I would say your wayyyy off. But will see ina couple days and circle back

sweep the leg!
Feb 21

@Blast double I completely agree! No disrespect Matrat but you have smith beating cyr and currier losing on that side of the bracket as well? On the other side Longo has already wrestled Charon and won and it wasn’t that close. I’m going to say another Longo/Currier match in the final but Currier and Cyr are close. Mastrionni out? that’s going wayyyyyyyyy out on an ficticious limb there. I think many of these weights we would be better off trying to pick the semi finals matches rather than the finals as crazy things happen at opens. I love this time of year!

Feb 21

@sweep the leg! Haha! That's right, Matarat. We should just hand out trophies now. No kid ever has his girlfriend break up them, or have their parents tell them they're getting divorced, or lose a friend, or get sick, or get injured......Stop with your silly predictions. Sarcasm aside, fellas, but predictions are just that. No one can see Schand beating Mastroianni??

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Feb 21Edited: Feb 21

I guesstimated point totals based on a break down of the brackets i completed. the fist number represents a number i was conservatively comfortable at, the second is best case scenario. These totals include placement points, advancement & bonus.


Typically a champion scores about 25 points

2nd is good for 20

3rd 16

4th 14

5th 12

6th 11


I see team placement as follows:


1: Danbury (110- 130 points) - They need their 2 horses (Fields, Jack) to make finals with bonus points. In addition to those finalist i think Johnson, Osbey, Leblenc need to make the Podium. If O'dell/Agosto can make make the podium, that just adds to the lead. Any non placers that get a win keeps Danbury ahead, but you never know....


2: Xavier (88-98 points) - I'm not sure how so many are overlooking this team. I think they have finalist at 106, 145 and 170... with a strong possibility of 285 and 132 placing. With a few other scorer's they will be pushing close to 100 points for the tournament which historically gets you near or at 2nd place.


This is where is gets very interesting and i have a had time making this prediction...


3: Trumbull (86-95 points) I am going to go out on a limb and say that the 2 sets of brothers show up for this tournament and score big points. I think they have a finalist at 113, and placement at 106,120,138 and 182. The Ryan brothers have a huge opportunity to elevate this team into second if they can win their R16 and QF matches, but that's a really tall task at hand. Bringing 10 scorers helps, but they need a few wins out of them.


4: Bristol Eastern (82-94 points) I think BE puts two in the finals at 152 and 182, and places 2 more at either 106,132 and 160. Others will pick up some wins and contribute.


5: Simsbury: (66-74) Simsbury is young and dangerous. I think they have a Finalist at 120, and placement at 126,160. I do think they have a chance to score more points then i show, i'm just not putting my money on those freshman.... YET. I think they get some decent points out of their non placers. On a side note, How about that Draw for Bergin, i think he walks to the semis... Or throws and guillotine's everyone which is what he does best.. lol


6: Killingly, New Canaan, Warde (59-68) Not in any order but i do see these teams with a potential of 2 finalist which would get them to about 45 points. They all have a small supporting cast that will score more points, but not enough to break the top 5.




Feb 22

Johnson lost in the round of 16 for Danbury, if he doesn't wrestle back, that is a 12 point loss for Danbury

Feb 23

Well I can’t say I was exactly right but I can say I’m not surprised Danbury places 7 and put up close to 150 points. They are battle tested and it shows. Great job to all athl and teams!

Feb 24

Congrats to Warde as well. Their five really showed up this weekend. A champ and 3 wrestlers place 3rd, wrestling back to third is really impressive in this tournament

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Feb 21

106: rapuano/thompson

113: cyr/longo

120: finn/white

126: jack/mariano

132: bradley/fields

138: schand/johnson

145: cardozo/sung

152: adams/marshall

160: angers/Schwartz

170: carr/sousa

182: licastri/commander

195: gjinaj/osbey


285: schrecengost/zeller


potential battles

schand/Mastroianni semi

fields/Nichols semi

smart/mairano quarter

finn/ryan quarter

gonzales/agoev quarter

charron/thompson quarter


Feb 21Edited: Feb 21

I think Fields pins Nicholas in Semis, and Parrot is in on the other side.

Blast double
Feb 21

lol. You think bradley will beat parrott ? And your counting mastrioni out Of the finals ?

Feb 21

@Blast double I'm not betting against Mastroianni but i do think that Schand has the best shot to beat him. Would be my finals match up if it worked out that way.

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sweep the leg!
Feb 21

I have to agree there! I just saw the schedule and saw that they wrestle through the quarters tomorrow night. I don’t remember that in the past years, but should make it interesting for the guys who have to make the cut for the second day vs Those that are wrestling their true weight.

Feb 21

they did the same last year for first time quarters on the Friday, trying to mirror new England's


sweep the leg!
Feb 21

Ok I guess I don’t recall them doing that last year but I like it.

Feb 21

Yea this is really interesting and i like it as well. Instead of the quarter being the first match of the morning, when some guys don't properly prepare themselves and warm up, it is the second or even third match of the night on Friday.

sweep the leg!
Feb 21

@Run.the.Pipes exactly! I can think of atleast one guy who this is beneficial to lol as I’m sure you can too haha

Feb 21

Which weight do you think is toughest? I'd have to go 138 as very tough up top with Mastroianni, Johnson, Schand, Ryan, Laurie, Robertson. 120 also deep and a contender

sweep the leg!
Feb 21

There are a lot of crazy potential matchups this year! I’m excited for all of them haha but yes that is a very toug class , with some exciting match ups at every weight class which is rare. I’m looking forward to opens more this year than I have the past few. LLLLEEEETTTTTSSSSSSSSS GGGGEEEEETTTTTTT RRRREEEEAAAADDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOOO RUUUUUUUMMMBBBLLLEEEEEEEE!!! Hahaha

Feb 21

Wow. I couldn't even begin to handicap this tournament this year. I could give top 4-5 in most brackets and feel comfortable, but I only see three with a truly clear favorite. Maybe a couple more that I feel good about picking the finals match up.



sweep the leg!
Feb 21

I feel the same way Mophie .


my semi predictions are this



Charon v Longo

Rapuano vs Odell



Cyr v Currier

Charon v Longo


120 Tough one!

Sutton v White

Johnson v Finn/Ryan I cant decide here


126 this is a tough one, could go so many ways

Jack v Kosak

Smart v Eibert



Fields v Nichols

Bradley v Parrott


138 the quarters on top should be the semi here

Ryan v Laurie

Mastroianni v Shand



Sung v Leblanc

Cardozo v unknown



zuckerman v Marchall

Mathews v Mazur



Angers v Bergin

Lazar v Sibbett



Carr v Smith?

Sousa vs ?



Commander v ?

Nanai v Licastri



Gjinaj v Dube

Osbey v ?



Gonzalez v Wells? Not really sure on that at all

Harrington v Weiner



Weiner v Agosto

Zeller vs ?


damn that wasn’t easy, and I’m not confident about half of them haha





Feb 23

@sweep the leg! Pretty solid

Feb 21

i'm not confident about the other half

Feb 22

Official brackets are up on flo - Some major changes at 126 due to a missed weight and no show

Feb 22

Ben Smart missed weight..

Feb 22

@Drew123 it's hard for me to comprehend all the scratches that took place for this tournament - almost every bracket had some type of movement

Feb 23

Standout matches/ big upsets from today? Marshall getting knocked out in the quarters was a big one

Feb 23

Marshall and Zukermann out in quarters at 152, Nichols losing in rd of 16 at 132, Commander at 182 losing in quarters. All the scratches and missed weights was the most surprising.

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    Looking at past year's rosters, the top 10 teams lost the following number of seniors, but also have good wrestlers returning (significant seniors graduated/ Open tournament returning wrestlers - bold Open placer ) 1. Danbury: Lost 4 seniors (Fields, LeBlanc, Osbey/ Knight, O'Dell , Jack, Johnson , Kovacs, Jones, Donovan, Agosto ) 2. Bristol Eastern: Lost 7 seniors (J. Marshall, Piazza, Gonzalez/ A. Marshall, Nichols , Lishness, Thompson ) 3. Xavier: Lost 5 seniors (Sousa, Salami/ Rapuano , Manganiello, Moynihan, Lunt , Miner, Tischio ) 4. Trumbull: Lost 7 seniors (M. Ryan, T. Longo, Kosak, Castaldo, Holmes, Palmieri/ M. Longo, J. Ryan, Bomann, Mercado ) 5. Simsbury: Lost 2 seniors (none/ Kasson, T. Finn , Mairano , Pera , Oken, Sirois, Bergin , F. Guilfoyle ) 6. Warde: Lost 3 seniors (Gjinaj, Zuckerman/ Ebert , Cuoco (2018), Shaughnessy , Rasmussen ) 7. Southington: Lost 6 seniors (Brault, Cardozo, Jacobson, Calo, Chesanow/ Gorr, Vitti , Carr, Brick (2018) ) 8. Killingly: Lost 9 seniors (Dan Charron, M. Charron, Johnson, Turner, Bernier/ Dav. Charron, Bean ) 9. Middletown: Lost 3 seniors (Cyr, Smikle/ Shabazz, Mounts, Toth, Dubon ) 10. Foran: Lost 8 seniors (Lang, Khan, Brogan, Bannon, Ives/ Joshi, Boyles (2018), Edmondson ) What teams will be dominant this year? Any up-and-coming and/or surprise teams? What would be your top 10 teams for 2019-2020?