Jan 23

State Open Team Placement Based on Individual Ranking


Edited: Jan 23

I was curious to see how the current individual rankings compared to the top 10 coaches poll. I used a simple point system to compile some data for each team with ranked athletes. Below are the results for the top 10 teams based on individual rankings. This type of point system is very basic, it does not include bonus points or points generated by non-ranked wrestlers. I thought it would be cool to share and spark some good wrestling conversation.


I think that the coaches poll does a great job ranking teams in a dual meet setting, and this point system ranks the teams more in line with Open Results. Enjoy and share your thoughts!


Point System:

Ranked 1 = 6pts

Ranked 2 = 5pts

Ranked 3 = 4pts

Ranked 4 = 3pts

Ranked 5 = 2pts

Ranked 6 = 1pt




Team Total Pts Poll Rank

1. Danbury 1 2 3 6 6 2 3 6 29 1

2. Warde 5 1 6 5 17 4

3. Xavier 6 3 6 1 16 6

3. Trumbull 2 5 4 2 3 16 8

4. New Canaa 6 6 3 15 NR

5. BE 3 4 6 13 2

6. Wethersfiel 4 5 2 11 NR

7. Middletown 6 2 2 10 7

7. Simsbury 6 3 1 10 5

7. Avon 5 5 10 10

8. Killingly 4 5 9 NR

8. New Londo 5 4 9 NR

8. Ellis tech 5 4 9 NR

9. East haven 4 4 8 NR

9. Southington 2 6 8 3

9. Shelton 4 4 8 NR

10. Barlow 5 1 6 NR

10. Berlin 5 1 6 NR

10. Tolland 6 6 NR

10. Immaculat 6 6 NR

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Jan 23Edited: Jan 23

This is definitely cool. One error is Xavier and Trumbull are tied. You gave Matt Ryan a 2 instead of a 3. Another thing that would mix it up is maybe partial points for HM. One more thing is every weight class to be fair should have top 6. i saw atleast 1 that stopped at 4 or 5.

Jan 23

Updated. Nice catch

Jan 24

Yea I was thiking about adding HM as a half point and I agree with you on the partial rankings, I could only use the data that was available to me via the site.

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Jan 23


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Jan 24

Rankings were updated . Jack Ryan moved up. I’ll look at Danbury,Xavier,and Warde also just happened to notice that one.

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Jan 24Edited: Jan 24

So with new rankings out it’s with .5 for hm

1-Danbury =28.5




5-new canaan =15

6-Bristol Eastern=13.5



8-Wethersfield is now at a 6 hmmmmmm


thats all I did so far Southington took a big hit with the loss of Calo. They are now at a 3! That team lost one of the best wrestlers they’ve ever had. So unfortunate for Pauly when he would have easily breezed through opens and most likely New England’s. Well only thing to do is get better and move your sights on to crushing it in college!


Jan 24

Immaculate no longer has a team. They have had a co-op with Barlow in past years but are now gone

Jan 24

So Licastri is a point scorer for Barlow this year?

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Jan 24

@Run.the.Pipes prob not, I would imagine he’s wrestling under Barlow but non affiliated. Similar to Defonce and Ciquera are with Danbury.

Jan 24

@Run.the.Pipes Yes, LiCastri is a student at Barlow

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Jan 24Edited: Jan 24

Barlow would move up to 12 points with that change and find themselves just outside the top 5 in this type of ranking system. Its interesting because in most cases , a "team" only needs 3/4 placers to be top 5 at opens. In order to win the tourney it takes a team who places 3/4 and has a handful of other scorers, and of course pushing athletes into the finals adds up as well.

Mar 1Edited: Mar 1

Thought it might be interesting to compare how our rankings predicted the Opens. I think it's pretty clear most of us follow up to about 145, because I think after that's where our observations were lacking ;)



Team Total Pts REAL RESULT

1. Danbury Danbury

2. Warde Xavier

3. Xavier Warde

3. Trumbull Bristol Eastern

4. New Canaan Trumbull

5. BE New Canaan

6. Wethersfield Simsbury

7. Middletown Southington

7. Simsbury Joel Barlow

7. Avon Suffield/Windsor Locks

8. Killingly Northwestern

8. New London Killingly

8. Ellis tech Wethersfield

9. East haven Middletown

9. Southington Foran

9. Shelton Nonnewaug

10. Barlow Ellis Tech

10. Berlin South Windsor

10. Tolland Westhill

10. Immaculat Ledyard


Wasn't too far off. Was a pretty good modeling with so so data over 160. Only real miss was Suffield instead of Avon. Tolland did what they were man team won his bracket. Barlow and Immaculate are combined. Nonnewaug and Northwestern were underrated as well.

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