Feb 6, 2018



final week of the regular season

Feb 8, 2018

Agosto, Jordan Bier, Christian in the overall state ranking are ranked way too high. I know these guys are not that good (I beat both of them is less than a minute). Jack Stewart should be ranked higher than them

Feb 13, 2018

Championship seeds for Class M & S are out. A few top guys switched weight classes in M. M. Angers from Tolland is now wrestling 160. Q Kahn from Foran is at 220. J. Rao from East Haven Wrestling at 195. It appears that AJ Moscato was hurt in SCC tournament and is not wrestling in the State Championship.

Feb 13, 2018

I saw on Class M seeds that Sean Johnson was at 126. If he got enough weigh ins opens could get interesting with him, Ortiz, Mastroianni, Camacho and more. It'll be fun to see how those kids finish out.

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