Dec 16, 2018



Just an update, rankings will look like a mess the next few weeks to adjust to the weight changes. Seems like there are many guys who went up more than 2 weights. Until a week or two after the allowance the rankings may seem off. Thank you for your patience.

Dec 16, 2018

You may want to consider moving Chase Parrott's pound for pound to around 5. His only losses in Ct since the start of last season are to the only nationally ranked wrestler in Ct.

Blast double
Dec 17, 2018

agree. looking at the kids ranked above him, most did not even place at New Englands. Parrott also wrestled up a weight class and beat the number 3 ranked at 138 Schand in an off season tournament a couple months ago. A lot will be told in the next month. Probably easier to figure out at that point.

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