Feb 12

Class L Rankings - Final


Final rankings before the Class L Tournament. Let me know where I've screwed up.


At 126, I moved Peter Coniglio from New Milford down below Mairano and Shabazz. While I hate to move someone for other than a loss, just looking at their body of work, I just feel Mairano and Shabazz are both wrestling at a higher level than Coniglio. Sorry Peter, prove me wrong!


After the Class L tournament, I will do a post-mortem, see how I did. I feel pretty good about my top spot at almost every weight. Probably most doubtful of my top pick is at 195 (Dube and Guilfoyle I think could both possibly win it) and at 285 (Salami could win it).


I think Class L is as tough as I've seen it in the five years I've been following CT wrestling. Should be a great tournament. Good luck to everyone and especially thanks to all those who commented an contributed to make this sight better. Thanks!

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