Jan 8

Class S 285 Suggested Changes


285 Suggested Revisons

1. Falivene

2. Deauveu (Kamari does not appear to be wrestlingfor Rocky Hill - Cecunjanin is 285 for Rocky Hill)

3. Corso, Charlie (Canton pinned Zuccalo on Jan 5 after a loss to Zuccalo in December and replaced Whitney from Canton)

4. Zuccalo

5. Snieckus (for Northwestern w/ 6-2 record and replaced Robotham from Northwestern)

Jan 9

If you do not agree with my suggested changes. Will you at least remove the names of people who are not wrestling?

Jan 10

I personally follow Class L the most. Therefore I will use your rankings as you probably have a much better indicator. Thank you

Jan 14

285 Class S after 1/12/19 Matches

1. Falivene

2. Deaveu

3. Sneikus (pinned Corso from Canton on 1/12)

4. Dylan Keith (Gilbert)-will get his record from Flo-to justify)

5. Corso

6. Zuccalo

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