Dec 23, 2018

Class S changes


Class S changes

Maher for HK is wrestling 220 and should be listed at No 1

He won against Favilene at 285 in week one and just won at Chavez against L #3 Bernard and L#4 Derkin. Wyzokowski is not wrestling and should not be listed at 132. I think Favilene is wrestling 285 and should be ranked No 1 in that weight division.

Dec 23, 2018

Julian Stafford is 138

Connolly canton is 138

Leclerc terryville is 138

Vail east catholic is 145

Barber gilbert is 138

D.. Matthews Gilbert is 132

k.Mathews Gilbert is 152

Webb Canton is 120

Dec 27, 2018

Cayleb leclerc will stay at 145 for the season !

Jan 7

Blake Chapman from Montville 106 should be ranked 2nd. He beat Hines, and just won the Warde tourney.

Jan 7

285 Suggested Revisons

1. Falivene

2. Deauveu (Kamari does not appear to be wrestlingfor Rocky Hill - Cecunjanin is 285 for Rocky Hill)

3. Corso, Charlie (Canton pinned Zuccalo on Jan 5 after a loss to Zuccalo in December and replaced Whitney from Canton)

4. Zuccalo

5. Snieckus (for Northwestern w/ 6-2 record and replaced Robotham from Northwestern)

Jan 17

120 Ben Williams From HK, has a win over Colon. He should be up there.

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