Jan 5, 2017

Ledyard / Killingly 1-4-17


Notes from a Ledyard fan at the Killingly / Ledyard match last night:

Ledyard 38, Killingly 22 At Ledyard

106- D. Charron (K) dec Millbach (L) 17-5 Charron looked good throughout the match. Millbach hit a couple moves and gutted through a couple scrambles but Charron was rarely in trouble.

113- M. Charron (K) dec Milller (L) 11-4 Stop me if you’ve hear this before; Charron looked good throughout the match. Miller made a couple moves but the match was not really ever out of Charron’s control.

120- Ngyuen (L) dec DA. Charron (K) 9-3 Ngyuen seemed to start slowly in this match. Could have been that Charron is a good wrestler out of Killingly’s youth program. In the end, Senior’s experience stretched out the score.

126- Graziano (L) dec Johnson (K) 15-4 Graziano out-lasted and scored repeatedly later in the match.

132- Burdick (K) pin Dirico (L) 3:20 Burdick was solid. Dirico was up a weight from his normal 126.

138-Burgess (K) dec Williamson (L) 5-0 Burgess wrestled well, Williamson was close to scoring a couple times.

145- Vanase (L) dec MA. Charron (K) 16-4 Vanase looked really good in this match. He was excellent on his feet and scored well from the top. Note that Vanase normally wrestles 138.

152- Turner (K) dec Crawford (L) 6-2 Great wrestling by Turner. Crawford is extraordinarily tough to turn to his back. Note that Crawford normally wrestles 145.

160- Millbach (L) pin Ferraj (K) 3:44 Millbach was on point start to finish. Best on his feet but continued to press while on top.

170- Caffery (K) dec Crader (L) 6-4 One of the closest matches skill-wise of the night. Both wrestlers looked exhausted as the match progressed. Caffrey’s base and “hips” were better last night.

182- Sullivan (L) dec Gosselin (K) 8-3 Sullivan was working late into the match. Endurance was a big difference in this match.

195- Christians (L) pin Bernier (K) 5:52 Christians was in bad positions several times but credit him with being able to settle back into better rides and executing from the top position.

220- Contino (L) forfeit

285- Mullaney (L) pin Postell (K) 3:46 Mullaney did very well on his feet. Struggled a little from the top but eventually got where he needed for the pin.


Side note, what is the deal with the Charron boys’ arm length? They all have a noticeable “Reach” advantage. I don’t say that to be weird or rude or insulting, I just happened to notice as all 4 of them work a Switch well, along with a high rate of success hitting an Ankle Pick on their feet.

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