Jan 28, 2018

Ridgefield challenge recap


106: Longo loses to Rhode island state champ

113: Kosman beats earl from monroe woodbury NY

120: Smart (#4 open) beats vespa from NY and fhen loses to #3 parrot in semifinals. Trelli (#2 open) goes down to saint anthony kid in semifinals and ends up taking third.

126: Rende (#4 open) wins and wrestled great. Mazur (#5 open) of westhill took fourth.

132: Walker (HM open) took second and lost to one of top kids in new england from coventry in stacked bracket. Hartman from hand DNP.

145: Mendez (5 open) takes fourth and loses to unranked Robertson from Fitch.

152: matt rothman amity took second losing to saint anthonys

160: Preston (6 open) dominated khoshabo (5 open) in the finals

170: Zeyher (6 open) took out hendrick from hand 1-0

220: Grover got dominated by John jay 220

Blast double
Jan 28, 2018

There was great wrestling there all day! NY and RI brought some top ranked wrestlers to square off with some top CT kids. Great battles all day.. Tourney was run well also

Jan 29, 2018

This was extremely appreciated! Thank you

Jan 29, 2018

120, 126, and 132 were super stacked. One of if not the best run tourney in the state.

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