Dec 28, 2017

Verified Weight Class Changes


Now that the 2 pound allowance has kicked in (and rather than scrolling through 100 comments under another post), how about posting here if you can confirm a wrestler is at a different weight class (typically lower) than that at which he is ranked. No need to mention when a kid gets bumped up in a dual, but if he is a ranked wrestler who has weighed in/competed at a lower weight--or you know with certainty that he is dropping down soon (and is able to do so according to descent plan), mention it here.

Jan 1, 2018Edited: Jan 1, 2018

New Canaan


Justin Mastroianni - 126

Luigi Derubeis - 132

Tyler Sung - 138

Nate Sibbett - 145

Christian Sibbett - 152


Weights were all wrestled at the Danbury tournament (Derubeis was a scratch). I think you have them all right in your class L rankings but for the Sibbett brothers, both are shown one weight higher in the current rankings.

Jan 1, 2018

106 and 113 is light. Here are some for sure adds.


LL 106

Martial Sutton - Glastonbury

Looks like Tyler Johnson will be going 106 - Danbury


LL 113

Parker Sutton - Glastonbury

Seems Leblanc from Danbury is this weight now.

Pera from Simsbury

Rooney - Newtown


L 106

Joanne Ortiz - New Milford

Pressler - Ludlowe


L 113

Chadwick - Amity

Donaldson - New Milford

Ward - Bristol Central


M 106

Divito - East Haven

McCourt - Law

Brault - Joel Barlow


M 113

Capichiano - New Fairfield

Seems Rickabay is 113 from Ellis Tech

Prather - Joel Barlow

O'Brien - Bacon


S 106

Hughes - HK

Vertefeuille - Windham


S 113

Mow - Gilbert

Bond - Montville

Flores - WIndham


Blast double
Jan 2, 2018

Looks like Leblanc will be cutting crazy weight at 113. Guess thats what happens when you wrestle for Danbury and there arent many spots left :)

Jan 2, 2018

I have a couple others that might be in the lightweight mix:


Jack Ryan (Trumbull) is definitely at 106

Cyr at 113?

Victor Garcia - East Haven @113?


M 106

Naaji Powell-Keyton - New London


LL 113

Brick - Southington

Baranes - Westhill



Jan 2, 2018

Hartmann is back at 132 for good

Jan 3, 2018

Kind of at "whatever" stage with this website. Seemed to be an uptick in maintenance when blastdouble called you out, but now slipping back into irrelevance. Probably need a mod for each class to stay on top of the data.

Jan 3, 2018

All weight changes mentioned in this thread will be updated tonight/tomorrow morning along with Wednesday night's results. If there are any current weight changes known please post! Thank you.

Jan 4, 2018

Jack Ryan (Trumbull) has been at 106 all year

Jan 7, 2018

Coppock (Barlow) has been 152 since the 2 lb weight allowance

Jan 30, 2018

Hunter Flemming is 126. Pop is 160 Tardiff got kicked off the team.

Jan 1

Fleming is not wrestling this year dropped out of school. Pera from Simsbury is going 126.

Jan 1

@chuck Chuck... you are replying to a thread from a year ago.

Jan 1

@Funk_Roll thanks saw that after I posted

Jan 30, 2018

Joey Milbach is 106, Dan Mow hasn't wrestled all season, You have 2 Windham kids at 126, pretty sure Stultz is the varsity guy there. Ty Miller is 132 I think. Peyton Debowski hasn't wrestled all season. Morales is at 195

Blast double
Jan 6

Ben Smart LL needs to be moved to 126

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